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Our worship experience is a blend of contemporary music (live band, praise music, etc.) and classical  (hymns, organ, orchestra). If you'd like to view our latest worship experience and sermon click here. Join us for worship every Saturday in-person or online via our YouTube Channel. 

Worship: March 18, 2023

Garrison Chaffee

"Send It...Me"


I remember the first time I saw something invisible change the visible! Have you ever seen a candle go out with invisible carbon dioxide gas? You could not see the carbon dioxide gas, but you could see the irrefutable change that it brought upon the candle flame! Also like putting a candle in a jar with the lid on, watching it starve, therefore, proving the reality of oxygen. 


There are at least 50 verses in the Bible that talk about blindness. It’s interesting to read Jesus’ interaction with the spectrum of religious and non-religious in the New Testament. Who did he have a harder time with? Who did Jesus push back most against? Time and time again it was those you should have seen, but did not. What about you and me? Are we claiming to see and perhaps missing most important?


    Sabbath School bible study

    Children/High School at 10 a.m.

    AGE/GRADE                                                ROOM                    

    Tiny Tots (0-3)                                                   117                   

    Kindergarten (4-K)                                          118                     

    Primary (Grades 1-3)                                      114

    Juniors (Grades 4-8)                                      115

    High School                                                       116

    Adult Classes at 10 a.m.

    Sanctuary Sabbath School / Georgina Nash & Gerhard Haas

    Chapel Sabbath School / Sue Frederick

    Young Adult & Collegiate Sabbath School