Prayer Request and Praise

If you have a prayer request or praise, and would like someone to pray for your needs, we would like to hear from you. Click here to place your prayer request.

Prayer is conversation--a human-divine interaction that is our opportunity to face God as a son or daughter whose presence is welcomed and desired. 

Some may see prayer as a one-way conversation, or even worse, a conversation with ourselves, but studies have shown that not only does it improve our quality of life 1, it actually has the power to heal. Scientists say interactions with God through prayer give us the ability to better manage our negative emotions 2 and reduce our aggression towards others 3.

According to researchers Marek Jantos and Hosen Kiat (Marek Jantos and Hosen Kiat, “Prayer as medicine: how much have we learned?” in The Medical Journal of Australia, 2007.), “[Prayer] should be recognized as an important resource for coping with pain and illness and improving health and general well-being.” The Bible even promises that when we pray, we will experience “the peace of God, which transcends all understanding (Philippians 4:7).” 

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