Prayer Request and Praise

If you have a prayer request or praise, and would like someone to pray for your needs, we would like to hear from you. Click here to place your prayer request.

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(Prayer) is as essential as breathing to a Seventh Day Adventist Christian living in today's world. 

"We have no chance against the devil without it.

Equally, it has as profound an impact on the ones praying as the ones being lifted up in prayer! 

God loves to hear His children humble themselves and come before Him in intercession for others or with their own requests and thank you!

Prayer is our weapon in a very real spiritual war going on all around us. 

If we pray His will we are giving Him permission to intervene in the way He knows is best. 

Worship is a very important part of having an effective prayer. That is what allows us to be and stay connected to hear The Spirit's direction as we pray. 

The wonder & privilege that our God has provided a way for us to approach Him with the things that would otherwise crush us

We can trust His love to answer in the best way we could image or better. We could not live without Him.

God is always showing us grace, unmerited. 

It is such a privilege to talk with God and ask for His blessings and forgiveness. 

God is so good, He never stops teaching us lessons and covering us with grace."